Cash Management



It’s All About Growth

Home State Bank would like to help your business succeed in every way possible. That’s why we offer Cash Management Services that’ll get your money working on your behalf. Our staff have years of experience and can assist you with utilizing the many tools available to give you a financial advantage. 


Merchant Processing
We understand the importance of accommodating your customers. That is why we have partnered with Clover®, a leader in payment processing solutions, to offer you easy and affordable merchant processing programs to meet today’s consumer demands.


Credit Card Processing
As consumers’ spending habits change, accepting credit cards and other non-cash payments has become a necessity for most businesses.

Clover® Merchants enjoy these benefits:
* Processing for all major payment processing brands
* Real-time processing and fast authorizations
* 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team
* Next day access to funds
* Customized industry-specific solutions
* PCI compliant equipment for the most secure transactions


Gift Card Acceptance
The best gift of all is money. That’s why so many merchants now offer gift cards. But here’s something you might not have thought of – gift card acceptance serves as a cash advance to your business, bolstering your bottom line.

The gift card program is easy! All transactions are handled by a credit card processing terminal, so implementing and tracking is automatic. The same terminal is used to issue and redeem. Best of all, your gift cards can only be used at YOUR store.


Loyalty Programs
Every business knows that keeping a current customer is less expensive than trying to obtain a new one. With custom loyalty programs it’s easier than ever to reward your current clients – and keep them coming back.


E-Business Banking

Business Bill Pay
No stamps, no envelopes, no hassles. Why not simplify your life by paying your bills online? Home State Bank makes it possible to create, schedule, or view past payments whenever you have internet access.
If you've already established your Online Banking account, Business Bill Pay is the next logical step in taking control of your finances. To learn more click here.
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E-Business with ACH
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment system that improves office productivity and efficiency while reducing labor and material costs. With ACH you have the ability to pay employees via direct deposit, regardless of where they bank. You also have the potential to transfer funds to an account at another financial institution. This time-saving system means you’ll spend less time processing paper and more time building your business. To learn more click here.
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Business e-Statements
Secure online, electronic versions of your account statements that you can view, search, save and print at your convenience.
Remote Deposit Capture
Convenience at your desktop!  Remote Deposit Capture is a one-stop solution that enables you to make secure deposits without ever leaving the office.  A simple scanning device and your computer allow you to deposit your company's paper checks at your convenience.  Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture include: deposits are secure, eliminates trips to the bank, and can manage deposits from multiple locations.  To learn more click here.
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Security Tokens
eBusiness is more secure than ever with Security Tokens.  Security Tokens is an additional layer of security when logging into your eBusiness account; this helps to ensure that your information is secure, protecting you from fraud and identity theft.  To learn more click here.
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Business Online Banking
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Sweep Accounts

Sweep Repurchase Accounts
Why shouldn't your money work as hard as you do? A sweep account lets you customize funds transfers so that excess funds over a designated amount get swept into a consolidation account, an account earning higher interest, or to pay down a loan balance.

Business Cards

Business Debit Cards
Business Debit Cards can be issued to personnel that you as a business owner authorize. Keeping debit cards separate for each authorized signer assures security and easy recordkeeping

Visa Credit Card Business Applications

Home State Bank has teamed up with Visa so you can choose the Business Credit Card that is best for your business. The choice is yours with several options to choose from whether it is cash back or a rewards program. 


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Home State Bank refers merchants to Clover®. Any offers, products, services, or pricing described herein are provided by Clover®.