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Retirement Savings Account Options

Looking for short-term or long-term options to earn more competitive rates on your money? A Certificate of Deposit or an IRA with Home State Bank could be the right fit.

Certificate of Deposit

  • $2,500.00 Minimum Opening Deposit.
  • Automatic renewal standard for your convenience.
  • Maturity options as short as 91 days up to 36 months.
  • Ask about our competitive rates and terms.


  • Traditional IRA is a tax-deferred personal retirement account.
    • Annual contributions
    • Earnings grow tax deferred
    • May receive a tax deduction for contributions
  • Roth IRA is an after-tax personal retirement account.
      Allows you to invest after-tax dollars now.
    • Receive the growth of tax-deferred earnings
    • The principal amount is then tax-free when you take distributions.
    • "Qualified withdrawals" of earnings may be made with no tax or penalty incurred.
    • No mandatory distribution age.
  • Ask about our competitive rates and terms.

Call Home State Bank to find out the current rate information for Certificate of Deposits and IRA’s: Willmar 320-231-1118; Cosmos 320-877-7211, Litchfield 320-593-2001 and Hutchinson 320-234-9988